As an Activity Director, you’re busy planning events, managing your staff, and trying to engage your residents. It gets overwhelming trying to meet the needs of every individual. 


The idea stemmed from our personal situation.

In 2013, we had the idea for LifeLoop.

This photo is of my father-in-law, Lee, his two brothers and their mom. She lived in a senior living community and started on the independent side and quickly progressed to assisted living, then memory care. Our family couldn’t help but wonder what warning signs we may have missed. Shortly after we had the idea we sat down with Lee. With his validation and support we decided to move forward with building a product.

Amy Johnson
Co-founder of LifeLoop


Our Mission

Our number one goal is to improve the care and overall experience of residents living in senior living communities. We believe this involves creating and fostering great relationships between community staff, residents, and the residents' families, which results in personalized care and attention.


Our Team


Amy Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Philip Lee



Nick Nemer 

Vice President Business Development


Brett Robeson 

Sales Manager

Megan King 

Director of Client Services


Joey Carney 

Sales Manager


J.T. Seger 

Lead Developer

Mitchel Pigsley 

Lead Developer


Andrea Clauson

Marketing Manager


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