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Enhancing Resident & Family Engagement Through Technology

Adapting technology solutions in a way to enhance the lives of resident and the staff members and family who care for them. LifeLoop is your full-service senior living solution.

Resident Tracking & Reporting

Many staff members and Life Enrichment Directors have to spend too much time with paper distractions such as taking attendance, filling out activity binders and producing daily reports. The LifeLoop software is hardware agnostic allows for seamless attendance taking and lets you to track resident activities or one-on-ones. Within LifeLoop, providing reports and identifying your residents needs has never been easier or more intuitive.

Quantify Your Life Enrichment

With LifeLoop’s reporting feature, you can build robust activity calendars based on your residents likes. Easily identify the most popular and least popular activities every month which allows you to measure, manage and optimize resident engagement.

Empower Your Staff

Metrics can be shared between your staff and the resident’s family to track individual needs and create personalized care plans. LifeLoop’s dynamic resident reports can be created for a community, for a specific resident or by activity.

Person-Centered Care

Understanding the residents flow of information is essential to maximizing their level of care and proactively identifying their needs. Capturing the full picture is the key to implementing person-centered care all while providing you with a distinct perspective into your residents’ lives.

Create Efficiencies

LifeLoop helps your staff create work flow efficiencies and slash documentation time. All that time spent ticking boxes and charting participation is time that can be spent dreaming up new activities or in direct contact with residents.

A Trusted, HIPAA Compliant Platform

Keep all of your information in one, trusted location, accessible through one entry point. LifeLoop is fully complaint with HIPAA and can integrate with your clinical software.

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Q: How often can I run reports?
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Q: Do family members automatically see their loved ones reports and data?
Q: Can you run a personalized report for a care plan?
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Our product is proven to provide results that can benefit clients both large and small. With LifeLoop, you will gain an experienced partner who can help you achieve your desired outcomes, create efficiencies and set your community apart.

"By utilizing LifeLoop in my community I have been able to save time, and as a result, added more one-to-ones with our residents, resulting in improved engagement and quality of life. I recommend LifeLoop to all Long Term Care Communities!"

Courtney Schmitz
Life Enrichment Coordinator

"LifeLoop has helped our staff to keep track of who we extend invitations to for all our activities and increase participation. The LifeLoop employees have been extremely helpful as well and are very responsive to all our questions. They also are open minded in taking our suggestions on how to make LifeLoop the best program possible for communities and families. I am so thankful to have LifeLoop as a part of our activities program and would recommend it to all senior living communities."

Katie Slade, MS, CTRS
Activity Director

"LifeLoop has given our community a tool that has helped streamline our Life Enrichment program. Due to the easy-to-use features, the Life Enrichment team now has the data to help tell the story of each resident and their needs. In addition, the program has created efficiencies allowing us to spend more one-on-one time with residents — which is priceless."

Director of Activities
Rose Blumkin Jewish Home

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