Enhancing Resident & Family Engagement Through Technology

Adapting technology solutions in a way to enhance the lives of resident and the staff members and family who care for them. LifeLoop is your full-service senior living solution.

Digital Signage

Digital signage with LifeLoop is a low cost, easy to deploy solution for your community and an excellent way to increase resident engagement. The only hardware you need is an Amazon FireStick making this an impressive, yet affordable digital signage option to implement for your residents.

A Fully Custom Solution

Easily incorporate your brand elements, share birthdays, photos and display the local weather throughout your community from any television. LifeLoop offers you an unlimited number of unique displays allowing you the option to customize displays by room, location, etc.

Seamlessly Sync With Your Activity Calendar

TV displays with LifeLoop will automatically pull over your activity calendar and update in real time. Community guests and residents alike will enjoy seeing the daily activities in this highly visual format.

Compatible With In-Room Channels

If your community has an in-room channel, you can easily show your displays in this format allowing you to broadcast this information in all of your residents’ rooms.

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Q: What hardware is required to use LifeLoop displays?
Q: What devices can displays run on?
Q: What if I want my lobby display to be different than the display in the dining room?
Q: How may displays can I build?
Q: Can I customize display content?
Q: Can I brand my display?

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Our product is proven to provide results that can benefit clients both large and small. With LifeLoop, you will gain an experienced partner who can help you achieve your desired outcomes, create efficiencies and set your community apart.

"The display feature on LifeLoop is convenient and effective when it comes to keeping residents informed. I’m able to be at my desk and put an announcement up that will be live throughout the building within 5 minutes. It’s really incredible! We also just started utilizing the display feature for our break room, so Team Members can stay informed as well."

Hannah Langdon
Director of Life Enrichment

"Our new community especially loves the display feature, an efficient and paperless way to inform residents, families and staff in the building about our activities, birthdays, as well as welcoming tours and newly moved in residents and featuring our employee of the month. The slides are easily created by anyone with access to a computer and immediately displayed on our many screens. Efficient, highly visible and definitely paper clutter free!"

Lucie Flood
Life Enrichment Director

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