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Enhancing Resident & Family Engagement Through Technology

Adapting technology solutions in a way to enhance the lives of resident and the staff members and family who care for them. LifeLoop is your full-service senior living solution.

Communication & Community Engagement

LifeLoop was founded in 2015 based on the immense need for more communication between communities, residents and family members and that continues to be our guiding light today. Because of this, our communication platform is truly your all-in-one solution to create even greater operational efficiencies.

Customize The Way You Communicate

Send out branded messages and announcements to staff, residents, family, community vendors and more. Having an event at your community or implementing new procedures and want to inform family members? Send a broadcast announcement through LifeLoop and families will get notified in the family portal/mobile app as well as their email. Effortlessly add attachments, photos, or whatever you like.

Distribute Secure Emergency Broadcast Messages

Quickly keep essential audiences informed with critical updates and relevant information. Stay compliant with new guidelines and publish time-sensitive messages easily via text and email leaving staff free to care for residents.

Inform Your Staff

Staff can easily message back and forth within LifeLoop and have records of all contacts with other staff members, family members and residents. Allowing staff members to be in constant contact and in-the-know creates a strong community environment and helps with retention.

Transparancy With Your Residents' Families

The messaging feature allows family members the transparency they want and the access they deserve. With LifeLoop, all connected family members can see the staff directory and easily send messages to the appropriate staff member. Even better, family members can send messages to their loved one as well.

Residents Maintain Sense Of Independence

Within the senior living industry, it is widely acknowledged that engaging the resident and their family members with technology can have a positive impact on the life of the resident, help alleviate social isolation and give your community a competitive edge. This platform was made custom with residents in mind and is easy for them to learn and use.

Customized Notifications

LifeLoop allows you to customize notifications and permissions based on each staff members individual preferences and needs. Notifications can be received as in-app notifications, texts and/or emails. Additionally, residents who are registered for an activity can receive a text message reminder 30 minutes before the activity takes place.

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Q: Can we turn off the messaging feature for family and/or residents if desired?
Q: Can I control who can send messages to family members?
Q: Will I be notified if someone sends a message? If so, how?
Q: Can I add attachments to messages?

Join communities across the United States & Canada who are creating a better connection.

Our product is proven to provide results that can benefit clients both large and small. With LifeLoop, you will gain an experienced partner who can help you achieve your desired outcomes, create efficiencies and set your community apart.

"LifeLoop has enhanced and simplified staff communication for our community through its messaging feature. We are now able to easily message each other, family and residents in one platform. I am always at ease that I never miss a message because of the notification I receive in LifeLoop as well as to my email. Our residents have also enjoyed using the messaging feature to contact staff and appreciate being able to view the calendar activities in their resident portal."

Lucie Flood
Life Enrichment Director

"LifeLoop has been a remarkable tool for the residents of First Place-Phoenix and their families. It’s an easy-to-use platform that has helped the transition to moving to a supportive, inclusive apartment living. LifeLoop has brought together our community and has helped residents feel independent with utilization of the calendar feature and maintenance requests, all while the families feeling connected with knowing how engaged their loved one is."

Nina Bernardo
Community Life Coordinator

"With Lifeloop, one of the great things is that when a new employee starts, they are able to build relationships with residents even faster because all of the information is at their fingertips."

Reed Davis
Dial Retirement Communities

See how LifeLoop can help connect your community.

See how LifeLoop helps improve relationships between staff members, residents and their family members all while providing them with a seamless user experience.