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Navin Gupta | Modern Healthcare

September 12, 2022Andrea Clauson


Navin Gupta, iN2L + LifeLoop

Chief Executive Officer

Navin Gupta has been named the new CEO of iN2L + LifeLoop. With more than two decades in healthcare, security, and telecommunication, Gupta sits at the nexus of technology and business, and brings a robust, interdisciplinary perspective to the iN2L + LifeLoop team. He has a proven track record of substantial growth and cutting-edge product innovation. With a keen ability to read the market, he previously drove outsized growth for the Home Health and Hospice division at MatrixCare. Prior to winning three consecutive Best-in-KLAS awards for the company, Gupta spent decades leading product developing teams and creating new patient monitoring and communication solutions for organizations including Philips Healthcare, United Technologies, and Siemens.

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