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Help us Spread Some Love this Valentine’s Day

January 03, 2022Andrea Clauson

Since 2019, LifeLoop has brought the national #CupidCrew movement to Nebraska. #CupidCrew creates a positive chain reaction. A catalyst for the change in how our society views older adults. And it proves that small gestures really do have a big impact. 

What is #CupidCrew?

For many older adults whose spouses have passed away and social circles have grown smaller, Valentine’s Day can be a particularly difficult and lonely time. But through the #CupidCrew movement, we can change that. The goal of this movement has always been to spread some love, help combat feelings of isolation, and to strengthen our universal need for connection.

For the past three years, our team has gone out in the community, hoping to share a rose, and a smile, with these individuals. In 2019 and 2020, we were lucky enough to go into senior living communities and personally hand out roses to each person. We were able to share stories and see their smiles firsthand. 

In 2021, we had to pivot due to COVID. But this change sparked a whole new way of getting more generations involved. Instead of handing out roses personally, we asked our friends, families, neighbors, schools and other local groups to help us reach our goal of 3,000 handmade Valentine’s Day cards that we mailed to senior living communities all around the country. 

cupid crew 1

What is LifeLoop doing for #CupidCrew 2022?

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and the vulnerability of older adults, we will be asking for handmade cards once again this year. But we are hoping to expand our reach and get 5,000 cards! The past year or two hasn’t always been easy, especially for older adults who have been unable to see their families for long periods of time. More than ever before, the social isolation of older adults has increased. But simultaneously so has our love, compassion, and kindness for other people. 

“For anyone who has visited a senior living community in the past, it becomes immediately clear how even the smallest gestures can mean so much to the residents. We can’t completely solve social isolation but we can bring moments of joy. And the #CupidCrew movement is a great, easy way to do that,” said Amy Johnson, LifeLoop CEO.  

A lot of times our society treats aging as if it were something to fear or avoid. But it is universal for all of us. And it is actually a really beautiful thing. So with #CupidCrew, more than anything we just want to get across to older adults that they care for, valued, and loved.

cupid crew 2

How can I help?

You’re so sweet, we were hoping you would ask! We are asking everyone we know (shouting it from the rooftops in fact) to help us reach our goal of 5,000 handmade Valentine’s Day cards. If you want to contribute, here are the details you need to know. 

Step 1: Create handmade cards (no bigger than 8.5"x11"). All ages can participate! See some examples we received last year here. 

Step 2: Include a personal note to the recipient. Be sure to let them know your name, where you are from as well.

Step 3: Send your completed cards to this address no later than February 2nd or feel free to drop them off if you are local:
LifeLoop - Attn: Marketing
11421 Davenport Street
Omaha, NE 68154

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