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Customer Spotlight: NYE Health Services

April 08, 2019Megan King

The LifeLoop team works hard to deliver a great product. But, it's our customers that truly realize the platform's potential.

Nye Health Services prides itself on a forward-looking perspective on senior living. We at LifeLoop can vouch for it— the Nebraska-based senior living system was one of LifeLoop’s earliest adopters.

Nye has been running the platform on two of its campuses for more than three years now. That’s more than enough time to see LifeLoop’s impact across two different domains of the organization: life enrichment, and information technology.

Here, two different Nye leaders weigh in on how LifeLoop has made their work easier.

LifeLoop and IT

Nye’s IT Director, Jeremy Barton, is happy to report that LifeLoop has handily exceeded his expectations.

LifeLoop’s mission is to help keep residents connected with their families, and keep residents active and engaged within their communities.

As important as this mandate is, it shouldn’t overshadow a fundamental fact — that at the end of the day, LifeLoop is a software product.

This means that it must stand up to the standards of engineers and technologists, in addition to those of residents, family members, and caregivers. So, Jeremy’s word counts for a lot.

“From my perspective, I like how much LifeLoop relieves the time burden on our staff,” Jeremy says.

In particular, he’s happy with the ease of getting the platform up and running, and with the flexibility LifeLoop can offer with its feature-set.

The platform is totally modular. Communities can tailor LifeLoop to meet their specific needs, without being encumbered by product features that they’d seldom use.

Even more impressive to Jeremy is how seamlessly LifeLoop fits into Nye’s workflows.

“Eliminating redundancy is so important in working with technology. LifeLoop’s integrations with PointClickCare (PCC) make it very efficient for us,” he says.

The integration means that staff needn’t enter a resident’s information into two different systems. Once entered into PCC, resident’s data automatically appears in LifeLoop. Skipping the extra step has saved Nye’s staff countless hours of data entry.

Finally, from his position as overseer of Nye’s technological operations, Jeremy profoundly appreciates LifeLoop’s commitment to security best practices.

“Minimal access requirements are easy to implement, the read / write access controls are simple to organize and change, if need be,” Jeremy says.

These features protect residents’ data from unauthorized access, and keep it siloed away where it belongs — in Nye’s control.

The LifeLoop Effect on Life Enrichment

Hannah Langdon is the Director of Life Enrichment at Nye’s flagship community, Nye Square, in Fremont, Nebraska. She started there a little over a year ago, and she raves about how much LifeLoop helped ease her transition into the role.

“It’s been so valuable to me,” she says. “I haven’t had to worry about losing papers or keeping track of things because LifeLoop does it all for me.”

Hannah believes that LifeLoop has radically simplified three of her key duties:

1) Activity Planning

For Hannah, LifeLoop’s calendar designer was a revelation.

“Before, I was manually typing out our activity calendars, by hand. It was very time consuming, and left a lot of room for error,” she says. “Now, it’s boom, two clicks, and my entire calendar populates with activities.”

Streamlining mechanical chores like calendar creation frees up Hannah’s time, so she can apply her attention and her creativity to her real job — getting residents active and engaged.

And LifeLoop’s features don’t just help Hannah design her plans. They also help her test them.

“I’m a big believer in trial and error. If we see something that’s not working, we need to adapt. Visibility into the data is crucial for that,” Hannah says.

At the end of every month, she prints out LifeLoop reports on activity attendance, and studies them to look for opportunities to improve.

The practice has paid off. As LifeLoop revealed low-attendance activities, Hannah made tweaks to Nye Square’s programming. In one year of consistently using LifeLoop to do this, average monthly attendance went from 1,000 total attendees to 1,500.

“Every single month, attendance has grown,” Hannah says. “Great to see that improvement, that we’re doing the job right. We wouldn’t be able to see that without LifeLoop.”

2) Digital Signage

Hannah’s activity choices drive most of the uptick in attendance. But she believes LifeLoop’s flat-screen displays also have something to do with it.

“There’s something about them — just way more eye-catching than a billboard,” Hannah says.

Nye Square currently has two LifeLoop displays hanging on the walls. Hannah uses them to advertise every activity she plans, and she’s certain that they drum up a lot of increased enthusiasm from residents.

“For our exercise program, for instance, we started offering more frequent Tai Chi classes, and we announced them on the LifeLoop displays,” she says. “We saw a big surge in attendance numbers. From eight people per session to eleven people per session. That may sound like a small increase, but a voluntary exercise program, that’s a big deal.”

The customizable displays have also come in handy when, for one reason or another, an activity falls through. Cancellations, changes in schedule, or other updates can be instantly pushed to these displays. For Hannah and her team, that has been an invaluable time-saver.

“We have 200 people living here!” Hannah explains. “It’s really hard to reach them all with a last-minute change. LifeLoop makes it so much easier!”

3) Fostering Connection

Finally, Hannah points out the important role that LifeLoop plays in building relationships within the community — both between residents and caregivers, and between residents and family members.

“Attendance-wise, it’s the declines that you really want to pay attention to,” Hannah says.

When an individual residents’ attendance dips down below three activities per month, Hannah knows that’s a sign the resident might need a little more one-on-one attention.

Without LifeLoop’s attendance tracking, patterns like this would be very hard to spot. As Hannah puts it, “I don’t know how I’d even begin to check that without LifeLoop.” Knowing these individual-level attendance trends gives Hannah the ability to target her support where it’s needed most.

LifeLoop, crucially, extends the same capability to residents’ families.

By keeping family members up to speed with their loved ones’ activities, LifeLoop helps them feel more a part of the residents’ life. This is especially important when residents can’t inform family members themselves.

“There’s a lot of dementia and confusion and forgetfulness in our population. They don’t always have the presence of mind to tell their families what they’ve been doing,” Hannah says. “But with LifeLoop family members already know what residents have been doing, and they can use that to prompt conversation.”

These little conversation-starters are so important for keeping a sense of connection alive.

The Future at Nye

But even more than LifeLoop as a product, both Jeremy and Hannah have warm words for LifeLoop as a company.

“I love that I can talk to them about what we need to see to make the product work in the building, and they’re willing to go back to the drawing board and implement it,” Jeremy says. “They really listen to us.”

Hannah agrees. “If I think of something I need from LifeLoop, they’re going to get it to me. Megan King [Nye’s account manager] has been just phenomenal, really responsive. When I ask her for something, she’s back, with a solution, within hours.”

For both of them, that level of support is why they feel comfortable expanding LifeLoop’s role in the Nye system. LifeLoop will be expanding to Nye’s other campuses later this year, and will be adding transportation / maintenance request functionalities to the service.

“It’s so exciting to see everything LifeLoop can do for us,” Hannah says. “When [LifeLoop founder] Amy came and trained us on how to use it, we thought ‘wow, this is incredible.’ We can’t wait to implement all the features we can.”

Nor can we. It’s LifeLoop’s pleasure to be part of the success of such a forward-thinking and innovative organization.

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