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Customer Spotlight: Elaine

May 17, 2021Nick Nemer & Andrea Clauson

Compassion and empathy are the most prominent traits in those that dedicate their lives to helping others. We see this every day in working with our clients in senior living and have discovered that same passion for kindness in our clients at Elaine. The team at Elaine provides transportation services and healthcare access to individuals experiencing homelessness in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. With the goal of eliminating barriers around the social determinants of health, Elaine works tirelessly to connect this population to the critical resources that they need that aren’t covered by insurance. Since its founding in 2019, it is not hard to see the positive impact that Elaine has had on the lives of so many in their area.

Reducing disparities in health care

Healthcare navigation is something that most people have found frustrating at some point in their lives. Without the necessary resources, what is challenging for some becomes near impossible for individuals experiencing homelessness. For this population, one of the major barriers to obtaining health care is transportation. “Not only will we get them there, we will help them navigate this process by ensuring they have the transportation necessary to finish their treatment plans”, says Eric Barr Executive Director at Elaine.

Offering this level of support has had an incredible impact on the homeless populations in these cities and on the communities as a whole. And without a doubt, the good news about their services is spreading fast. Elaine currently serves with three vehicles and three full-time drivers who operate Monday thru Friday. Each driver is averaging 125 rides given per month in 2021 which means Elaine is on track to administer over 4,500 rides by year end.

Something else that sets Elaine apart is the relational component of their services. The staff and drivers have a deep compassion, empathy and understanding and truly enjoy making a difference whether big or small. Most of the individuals who use their ride services turn in to returning clients and share it with others that they know. Elaine also works closely with case workers or social workers to get rides scheduled. “Not only is transportation a huge need for individuals who are homeless but we also look at other underserved populations such as the elderly, low-income, and uninsured or underinsured, said Eric. We want to be available to all individuals who lack transportation access.”

A holistic approach

In looking at a holistic approach to health, Elaine takes it a step further by offering their clients ride services for bank visits, interviews, court appointments, parenting or financial literacy courses, support groups, laundry needs, food access and more. “We came to realize that we needed to connect them to food access, housing, education and other critical resources and services if we wanted to truly enhance their lives, says Eric. These social determinants of health have a major impact on their overall quality of life, and we want to eliminate those barriers”.

What makes Elaine so unique is that they look past someone’s current situation and truly see the individual behind it. They have shown time and time again that facilitating this population with the necessary resources and tools can have a positive, lasting impact. One of the most impactful stories shared with us was when the team at Elaine helped a client move into housing that he was able to purchase himself after repeatedly living in shelters. And after finally getting a place of his own, he invited his friend from the shelter to move in with him as a way to pay it forward. “I see it every day, a small gesture can mean the world to someone who is at the end of their rope or at their lowest point, said Eric. If we can look at ways to help advance and enhance lives, then they will continue to do the same for others.”

A partnership was born

At LifeLoop we have always believed in one core idea: connection is vital. Enhancing resident connection to their families and to the world around them is why LifeLoop was born. And working with a company like Elaine, who shares that same passion for connection, has been the foundation for a great partnership.

“While we knew there were other markets that LifeLoop could serve, working with the homeless population is not one that initially popped into our heads. So, when Elaine reached out to us to see if we could help solve their problem of transportation coordination, we jumped at the opportunity,” said Joey Carney, Senior Territory Manager at LifeLoop. “We knew it wouldn’t be perfect out of the gate, but our teams worked together to form a solution and now all rides are coordinated through the LifeLoop platform.”

Elaine’s drivers use LifeLoop to schedule their rides on a day-to-day basis. The drivers themselves are responsible for their own scheduling so the LifeLoop transportation feature has helped with organization and logistics. “LifeLoop has made such an impact in streamlining our operations”, says Eric. “Having this platform to coordinate and schedule is something we have been looking for, and the ease of use makes it all the better”.

Bringing in a new technology vendor can seem like a big task but Eric shares how the process has gone smoothly for them. “I did not expect to come in and have a technology platform but also build a meaningful relationship with the company. It has been cool for me but also super helpful to my staff, said Eric. There is a lot of opportunity for our team to expand into everything that LifeLoop has to offer.”

A Bright Future

One thing is for certain, Elaine is filling a need in society and doing it with incredible empathy and kindness. We are lucky enough to work with clients who inspire us daily and Elaine is certainly no exception. The future is brighter because of the services they offer and the compassion they have for others.

“One of the most rewarding things for us is seeing our platform be used in different ways to serve a larger population than the one we set out to help. The partnership that we have formed with Elaine has been eye opening to us all, and we will continue to grow with that team, and look at different ways that we can help,” said Amy Johnson, CEO & Co-founder of LifeLoop.

If you want to learn more about Elaine and the difference they are making in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas, you can go to their website here, or you can reach out to Eric Barr at

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