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Communication Technology Gives Communities More Time For Residents - Podcast featuring LifeLoop VP Nick Nemer

May 20, 2020Andrea Clauson

In this state of social isolation in the world and especially in the world of senior living communities, the team at LifeLoop looks like the smartest bunch of people in the room. One of the biggest obstacles that communities have had during COVID-19 restrictions is the need to communicate clearly and efficiently with their staff, with their residents and even with the families who are trying to understand what’s going on inside their loved ones’ home. Without the ability to walk through the doors to see for themselves this technology platform is providing families with a technology window on their senior family members. The LifeLoop technology platform is a communications connecter for families, staff and for seniors. You might be thinking – seniors and technology? Absolutely! Don’t let age fool you. Every year the number of those over 65 who use a smart phone grows significantly which is one of the various devices LifeLoop uses.

You don’t want to miss this 31-minute episode all the way down to the end with Nick’s answer to our final question: If he could play golf with anyone living or past, who would it be and why? This serious golfer has a darn good answer! He also has a darn good answer to solving communication problems within senior living communities.

Take a listen to the podcast here!

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