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At senior care facilities, technology helps bridge communication divide

May 11, 2020Andrea Clauson

"LifeLoop allows us to share those important moments in our (residents') day and streamlines communication for all parties involved," said Jenny Hicks, outreach and sales director at Avamere St. Helens. "We can post pictures of events and daily activities to each of our residents' portfolio and their family members can log in to LifeLoop and see what mom's been doing today."

Hicks said that for many residents — who either don't have smart devices or don't know their way around computer technology — LifeLoop bridges a communication gap between themselves and their loved ones.

"We're really ramping up on it because of the fact that (guests) can't come visit like they were," Hicks said. "It's a way for families who aren't able to visit right now, to kind of visit in a virtual way."

The software was made specifically for assisted living facilities and functions like a portal where activity calendars, photos and messages can be stored and viewed by authorized staff or family members.


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