Enhancing Resident & Family Engagement Through Technology

Creating technology solutions to enhance the lives of residents, family members and the staff who care for them. LifeLoop is your innovative senior living solution.

Enhancing the lives of older adults

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A higher level of connection.

At LifeLoop, we believe that quality community life extends far beyond the physical walls of your facility. With the use of technology, we have created a platform that can enhance the lives of your residents, their families and the staff who care for them. Helping you tell the story of your community with our custom-made senior living solutions is truly our passion.

LifeLoop was founded based on the need to better communicate and engage family members of senior living communities. Today, we are a multi-faceted platform designed to streamline operations, work flow, and communication with your internal and external stakeholders.

Activity Calendar

Digital Signage

Resident Tracking




Resident Portal

Family Portal


Activity calendars simplified

LifeLoop has helped communities of all sizes effectively develop, communicate and display their activity calendars to residents and family members.

Save time with reoccurring activity features

Design calendars that stand out

Build robust calendars based on resident likes

Real-time updates on all calendars and digital signage

Join communities across the United States & Canada who are creating a better connection.

Our product is proven to provide results that can benefit clients both large and small. With LifeLoop, you will gain an experienced partner who can help you achieve your desired outcomes, create efficiencies and set your community apart.

"LifeLoop's valuable to us because the present and the future of our industry is to keep family members more and more involved in our residents' lives. Family members are naturally curious about what's going on with their loved ones, and LifeLoop is both a proactive and reactive way of helping with that."

Thomas Cloutier
Vice President of Operations

"I have worked with Life Loop since its beginnings and I continue to be impressed with the continued growth and improvement of the product. Our families enjoy the information and photos they get daily, a kind of a window into their loved one's day, and our staff relies on the communication and attendance tracking."

Lucie Flood
Life Enrichment Director

"In this industry, employee turnover is common, unfortunately, and it can be very difficult to bring new staff up to speed. An easy system like this really helps. And it can even help build a consistent company culture, even as staff rotates."

Lisa Moes
Dial Retirement Communities

Innovative solutions for your senior living community.

The demo is customized around you. Get answers to your unique questions and find out why LifeLoop is the right choice for your community.

Solutions custom-made for your senior living community.

LifeLoop has tools for today's communities. LifeLoop can help residents thrive with tools for management, scheduling, data tracking and more!

Connecting Management & Staff

Connecting Residents & Family

See how LifeLoop can help connect your community.

See how LifeLoop helps improve relationships between staff members, residents and their family members all while providing them with a seamless user experience.